Áfangastaðir á Norðurlandi

Welcome to Your Guide to Exploring North Iceland!

Instructions for Using the North Iceland Destination Map
Our interactive map is designed to help you discover the wonders of North Iceland, from breathtaking landscapes and geological marvels to serene hiking trails and historical sites. Here’s how to make the most of your exploration:

Accessing the Map

  • The map is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring you can plan your trip from home or navigate on the go.

Navigating the Map

  • Zoom In and Out: Use the + and – buttons on the screen to zoom in for a closer look at a destination or out to see more of the area.
  • Pan Around: Click and drag on the map, or use your fingers on a touchscreen, to move around and explore different regions.

Discovering Destinations

  • Icons: Each type of destination (e.g., hiking trails, geological sites, historical landmarks) is marked with a unique icon. Hover over or tap on an icon to see the name of the destination.
  • Descriptions: Click on an icon to open a detailed description of the site, including what to see, the significance of the place, and any tips for visitors.
  • Photos: Within each destination’s description, you’ll find photos to give you a preview of the sights awaiting you.

Planning Your Hike (soon to come)

  • Hiking Trails: Look for the hiking boot icon for suggested hiking trails. Each trail description includes difficulty level, estimated duration, and scenic points of interest along the way.
  • Preparation Tips: For each hike, we’ve included advice on how to prepare, including recommended gear and safety precautions.

Learning About Geology

  • Geological Sites: Geological points of interest are marked with a unique icon. Click these icons to learn about the area’s geology, including fascinating facts about volcanic activity, glacial history, and rock formations.

Utilizing Photos

  • Photos are embedded within each destination’s description to offer visual insights into what you’ll experience. Use these images to help choose your must-see locations.

Tips for a Smooth Adventure

  • Connectivity: While traveling, ensure you have access to data or download the map offline if this feature is available, as connectivity might vary across West Iceland.
  • Weather Considerations: Always check the weather forecast for your destination. North Iceland’s weather can change rapidly, so it’s crucial to be prepared for various conditions.
  • Respect Nature: Stay on marked trails, follow local guidelines, and practice Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the beauty of West Iceland for future visitors.


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