Kvikmyndalandslag Íslands

Welcome to a vibrant exploration of Iceland’s iconic landscapes that have served as the backdrop for numerous famous films and television series. This interactive map offers a dynamic experience, bringing to life the exact locations where cinematic magic was created.

As you navigate through the map, you will gain insights into how these locations can tailor the tourist experience, enriching your journey with a blend of local history, culture, and cinematic allure. Each marked spot on the map is not just a point on the Icelandic terrain but a gateway to stories and worlds created by filmmakers.

Discover the real-world settings of your favorite scenes, understand the cultural significance of these locales, and see how art imitates life in the land of fire and ice. Whether you’re a film enthusiast, a culture seeker, or simply in love with the beauty of Iceland, this map is your guide to a unique and personalized adventure.

Embark on this journey and connect with the places that have captured the imagination of audiences worldwide. Enjoy exploring!


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